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Horizon How-To's

SEO Onboarding Access

SEO is fairly complicated in its execution. The worst part is that the client has to do a few technical tasks to get things rolling. So, this is our effort to set you up for success. Please take a few minutes to watch the video(s) that correspond with your onboarding tasks. If you have a few questions beyond what is described in the video, give us a call.  We will do our best to improve for future clients. 

Thank you for your efforts as we get things set up to run efficiently. 

Google Business Profile Access

Designating Horizon Business Strategies as a manager of your GBP will put us in the best position to optimize your profile and solve any issues that arise. 

Facebook page Access

Providing us access to your Facebook page will allow us to keep your account active. Consistency is important when it comes to social media. 

LinkedIn Business Page Access

This video covers how to invite Horizon Business Strategies to be a Super Admin for your page, and why this specific permission is required. 

Google Analytics Access

Google Analytics (GA) is a critical part of your SEO. Watch this video to learn how to provide access to Horizon Business Strategies. We will use GA to measure our progress and gain powerful insights into your web traffic.

Google Search Console Access

Though slightly less popular than Analytics, Google Search Console (GSC) is also a very necessary part of your SEO journey. This program allows us see what priority Google puts on each page. View this short video to see how to provide access to your GSC.

Squarespace website Access

If your website is with SQUARESPACE, please watch this video to learn how to add Horizon Business Strategies as a contributor to your website.  

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