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Our Team

Who we are

Horizon Business Strategies is a small business that understands its clients' challenges. 

Local SEO You Can Understand

Geoff Schalow has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Cornerstone University, in addition to countless hours of independent study. A primary lesson that he learned while attending college as an adult is that communication is only effective if both parties understand the message. This lesson is foundational to our strategy. 


"I am a Marketer. I am wildly curious about how things work and why they work. All good Search Engine Optimizers have a similar drive. Unfortunately, most SEOs do not have the ability to simplify a complicated process for their clients' understanding. This is where Horizon Business Strategies shines." - Geoff Schalow


Outside of Work

  • Geoff and his wife, Angela, have been married since 2002 and have a teenage son, Trent. 

  • Pets: Two adorable puppies, Lucy & Ta'Lula

  • Hobbies: Golf, Skiing, Music, and so many more. Let's chat over coffee if you want to know more. I am sure we have some hobbies in common. 

Horizon's Local SEO Perspective

Quality SEO is all about communication and relationships. Without communication, there is no relationship: family, business, or otherwise. Most business owners value relationships, but they fail to take all of the relationship categories into consideration. The obvious business relationships are B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer), as well as various combinations of these two categories. However, it can be argued that a business's most important relationship is a B2SE (Business to Search Engine) relationship. This can be said of other search engines as well, but Google is the most frequently used search engine. Building a relationship of trust with an entity whose only purpose for existing is to give business referrals 24/7/365 makes sense, right?


Here are a few examples of how communication plays out in SEO.

  • Horizon demonstrates to Google that your business is the best local option for their searchers. 

  • Horizon delivers your message to your ideal clients by speaking their language through relatable content. 

    • Approaching every situation from the client's perspective and speaking to THEIR wants and needs. ​

  • Horizon communicates the need and benefits of SEO to those who can benefit from an up-to-date online presence. 

  • Our graphics are designed to reflect your company's culture as a visual communication that resonates with your prospects.


During our initial consultation, Horizon Business Strategies will give you an accurate assessment of your online presence. Every business is unique. This is why we do not have generic packages set up. We will give you a few service options to choose from that are tailored to your needs. Lastly, we explain where our recommendations come from and how they will help your business. Best of all, we communicate these things in a way that you can understand. Say goodbye to confusion and say hello to a marketing plan that makes sense and provides results. This is why we developed the tagline: Clear Tactics. Visible Results. It is a constant reminder of our commitment to transparency, clarity and results. 

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